Classic E-books on Baseball, Basketball, and Baseball
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Welcome to Classic Sports!

Seek your teams, Find your heroes, Follow the seasons -then see what you know - and what you thought you knew!
Check out the number of year-by-year journal of your favorite sports - Baseball (American & National Leagues; the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox), Football (NFL and the Chicago Bears), and Basketball (NBA and the Chicago Bulls). Standings, Club/League News, Significant Games, year-end Awards, and Championship Winners! Your journey is over! You won't find these kinds of books anywhere!

Classic Sports Ebooks

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Sports-for the mind & heart

Why Classic Sports Journal?

Because you love sports, follow a certain team, or still cherish a hero or two. But you've noticed that memories fade and facts get lost or lose their importance over time. That is, until now. So pick an e-book and find out when a rule was changed, where a team moved, what record was broken, or when a scandal broke out! On a personal level: When did your favorite rookie first appear, get traded, or retire? Take a year-by-year journey and follow the legends, the stars, and one-year wonders. Who were the champs? Who won the MVP? It's true: 'context is king!' So take note how each sport changed over time. There's a lot in each e-book. Now's the time to journey! Okay! Time to test your knowledge! NBA: 1996: What team originally drafted Kobe Bryant? (NBA History, page 66) 1992: Can you name at least seven players on the US Olympic Dream Team? (NBA History, Page 57) 1976: Name the 4 ABA teams that merged with the NBA. (NBA History, Page 24) 1954: What rule revolutionized the game of basketball? (NBA Timeline, page 7) NFL: 2004: This player was drafted #1 by the San Diego Chargers but refused to play for them. (NFL History, page 183) 1991: This future Hall of Fame QB played sparingly for Atlanta before being traded elsewhere. (NFL History, page 139) 1983: This player was drafted #1 by the Baltimore Colts but refused to play for them. (NFL History, page 113) 1970: These 3 NFL teams switched to the AFC to give the league balance. (NFL History, page 71) MLB: 2014: This player was given the longest suspension in sports ever handed out. (AL History, 218) 1989: What tragic event took place during the World Series? (AL History, page 167; NL History, page 160) 1969: Name the 2 new teams added to the NL. One of these teams now plays elsewhere. (NL History, page 119) 1947: What was Jackie Robinson’s original position? (NL History, page 75) Here are a few of the answers: NBA: The 24-second clock. NFL: The Falcons traded Brett Favre to the Packers. MLB: Robinson's first position was at 1B. Start your journey now! See what you recall, what was forgotten, and relive some of your favorite memories.

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